Nominee Directors, Shareholders & Founders

Independent Fund Directors

Confident, Independent, Qualified, Experienced and Responsive

We assist our clients by providing experienced and qualified professionals to act as directors to a diverse number of hedge funds and other types of investment companies.  Our independent fund directors showcase a strong value in all that they contribute to, as they are confident in their abilities whilst being independent, qualified, experienced and responsive.

Some key highlights of their experience:

  • Served on the board to some of the seminal names in the hedge fund industry as well as to some of the largest US mutual funds and other blue chip clients.
  • Investment experience include all the mainstream investment strategies as well as carbon credits, green projects, infrastructure, and shipping to name but a few.
  • Private equity funds – Acted as the substantive general partner (being appointed to a Bahamas, Cayman Islands, BVI, or US company that acts in that capacity).
  • Joint ventures where our directors were the majority independent directors and companies designed to access the US toxic asset relief program.

Increasingly, due to their experience and independence, our directors are being actively sought out and interviewed by investors or potential investors in funds.

As our directors are experienced in all aspects of hedge fund governance, they are able to grasp the matters at hand quickly and suggest possible solutions to issues in a proactive manner.

Our directors only sit on a limited number of high quality appointments so that they can devote the necessary time to the affairs of the fund to which they are appointed. This ensures the directors prompt attention to any matters that arise.

Nominee Shareholder for Companies and Fund Entities

We act as a nominee shareholder to hold and exercise management or founder shares. Usually the fund’s counsel will recommend that management shares are introduced at the fund level so that changes to the fund constitutive documents can be made without calling general meetings of the investors.

We can hold these shares and exercise the rights according to the fund documents and best industry practices. We offer this service on a fixed fee pre-appointment.

We would be glad to provide you with a detailed proposal for our Nominee Shareholder Services.

Nominee Founders

We act as a nominee founder to hold and exercise management or founder shares.

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