Bloomberg Ticker & FIGI Registration

Bloomberg Ticker Registration

We can obtain a Bloomberg ticker and list your fund and/or company on Bloomberg for access and viewing on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Finance professionals and other industries access Bloomberg Terminal for financial data and analysis with the relevant Bloomberg Ticker thus allowing you to market your entities to the appropriate niche when it comes to fund raising.

A Bloomberg Ticker is an identification of your company and such Ticker affixed to the profile of your companies and/or funds helps in projecting the right image to your investors.

Financial Instrument Global Identifiers (FIGI) offers broad coverage, real-time availability at no cost, flexibility for use in multiple functions and allows internal mappings to alternative symbologies.

Current Market

  • No globally accepted industry leader
  • Numbering agencies do not cover all asset classes as part of their core operation
  • Increased licensing costs
  • Support & mapping is burdensome for data consumers
  • Regulatory review in progress in US and EU
  • Market participants do not currently have an identifier that is UNIQUE, NON-CHANGING and that covers all financial instruments globally

Benefits of One Identifier

  • Promote transparency
  • Lower data management costs
  • Quicker integration
  • Creating the standard in reference data

FIGI — The Financial Instrument Global ID is a 12 digit alpha-numeric, randomly generated ID covering more than 200M active and inactive securities. In total, there are more than 300 trillion potential identifiers available.

Bloomberg Financial Instrument Global Identifiers (FIGI)

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